WPS Summer Enrichment & Learning Offerings

WPS Summer Enrichment & Learning Offerings
Posted on 06/14/2020
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WPS Summer Enrichment & Learning Offerings

WPS Families & Staff:

To keep enrichment and learning vibrant for our children and teens, we put together these offerings for student and parent access, as desired, during the summer break. As authors Doyle and Sahlberg stated in a recent CNN opinion piece based on their book, Let the Children Play (2019):

"Children have kept on learning at home, but I they've been learning different things that are just as important and relevant as what they would have learned at school. They likely are now better at managing boredom and ambiguity, taking responsibility, being creative, facing stress and seeing how adults deal with pressure and uncertainty.

When schools reopen, we should not ask how much learning time children have lost,

but what they have learned while schools have been closed."

...we place great value on those lessons taught at home, by and with families, during this unprecedented school closure. As we look to the fall, we are prioritizing relationships, re-socializing, and healthy human connections as we plan for both academics and social-emotional wellness during this transitional period.

WPS is offering a virtual summer program and academic enrichment opportunities that combine hands-on exploration, skill-building, and credit recovery for WHS students. While these are optional, we recommend students partake in some enrichment opportunities over the summer as their time allows. Some are designed for all students to enjoy, and others are specified based on individual student needs. Due to annual updating of our student information systems, our online programs (i-Ready, Zearn) will end on July 31st as indicated below. In August, students can enjoy more exploring on their own or by tapping into other options below. This is the overview; principals may share more specific information or links as departments complete preparations on our new Summer Offerings webpage.

Keep each other (and yourselves) well,

Dr. Theresa McGuinness, Assistant Superintendent
[email protected]