Virtual Music Fest is here!

Virtual Music Fest is here!
Posted on 06/12/2020
Watertown Fine, Applied, and Performing Arts department, in collaboration with Friends of Watertown Music, invites all Watertown musicians, students, teachers, families, and community members to join us in this virtual musical celebration!

This website is the home of Watertown's first ever Virtual MusicFest.

You will find almost five full hours of music lovingly shared with you by musicians from the Watertown community - students, teachers, business owners, neighbors, families, all sharing their music with you in this virtual setting!

Just like the live MusicFest, all of the performances have been scheduled into different rooms. We invite you to move between the rooms just as you would if attending the live event, sampling the different musical offerings. You will want to come back to this site many times to see different performances - depending on the order in which you listen and where you are moved to stop and click, each new visit will be a unique experience!