Panel Discussion: Safe School Re-Opening

Panel Discussion: Safe School Re-Opening
Posted on 03/15/2021
Tuesday, March 16th, 7:30pm
This is an online event.
We will be hosting a panel discussion on Tuesday night, March 16 at 7:30 with Alan Geller, an epidemiologist from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and Dr. Benjamin Weintraub, the Watertown Public Schools' pediatrician. During this event, we will discuss several important safety considerations for the return to school as well and the benefits of the return to more in-person learning. Dr. Galdston will be there as well to answer additional questions and all members of the WPS Community are welcome.

This will be a Zoom webinar. If you are unsure of your preference for your child(ren), We recommend attending this event.