Move Updates and Volunteers Needed

Move Updates and Volunteers Needed
Posted on 12/05/2021
As you know, we are scheduled to move into the NEW Hosmer building in February. There is no school the Friday before February Break (February 18th) so that teachers will have the day to unpack.

One of the many significant projects related to the move is the coordination of the donation of furniture and fixtures from the current building to other town offices and non-profit organizations and to other school districts across the state.

I am looking for volunteer assistance in any of the following ways:

Coordinating cataloging of items available for donation (based upon classroom inventory spreadsheets that are already completed). This is a task that can be completed from home and involves a lot of spreadsheets.
Reaching out to community organizations who may be interested in some of these items and organizing a time (and process) for them to visit and claim items. This would involve connecting with organizations, scheduling a walkthrough of the building off-hours so that organizations can see and claim items, and assisting in the maintaining of a database of claimed items.
Coordinating the pick-up schedule of organizations that will collect items over the February break.

If you are interested in helping (or if you have already in place organizational systems for things like this that you can share!), please contact me directly at [email protected].