Meet the Staff!

Meet our Newest Faculty Members
Posted on 01/02/2019

1. How many years have you been working at Hosmer? Or in Watertown?
2. What is your favorite part about working at Hosmer School?
3. Tell a fun fact about yourself!

Maria Fortunato, ESL Teacher
Maria Fortunato
1. I have been working in Watertown for three school years. This is my first year at the Hosmer School as an English Second Language teacher. I have been an instructional assistant and a long term substitute ESL teacher the past three years at Cunniff Elementary School.
2. My favorite part about working at the Hosmer School is the friendly staff and learning new things about my students everyday.
3. I love to travel. I keep a travel journal to write down everything I’ve done and learned. My goal is to travel the world.

Erin Moulton, Elementary Math Coach
Erin Moulton
1. I taught fifth grade for ten years and have experience working with students ages 15 months through grade 8. As Principal at Prospect Hill Academy in Somerville I worked with teachers and leaders around the adoption and implementation of Math in Focus and Responsive Classroom, restorative practice and mindfulness in schools.
2. My favorite part of working at the Hosmer is being able to collaborate with such open and dedicated teachers. It makes the job of coaching for meaningful (and fun!).
3. Outside of work I enjoy yoga, reading, and all sorts of crafts.

Catherine Rossi, School Psychologist and Out of District Team Chair
Catherine Rossi
1. I started working in Watertown in August and split my time between Hosmer and serving as the Out of District Team Chair.
2. My favorite part about working at Hosmer is being a part of a school community and getting to work with students more closely again. (I worked primarily with teachers at my last job.)
3. I spend my summers on the Cape working at camp where I'm the Assistant Program Director and also get to teach water sports!

Emily Shaw, Elementary Math Coach
Emily Shaw
1. I am new this year to Watertown as the K-2 math coach. Before this I taught in Wellesley to 15 years and was a math coach in Weymouth last year.
2. I have really enjoyed working with the staff at Hosmer and the other two schools since I have found them so welcoming, hard working, and open to new ideas.
3. Here is a picture of my daughter and I cooking together in our matching aprons! It's one of our favorite things to do together. :) She is in Kindergarten now and it's really fun to see school from the parent/student point of view after so many years of being a teacher!