Forced Perspective

Forced Perspective
Posted on 05/15/2020
Forced Perspective Photo Challenge!
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Hosmer students and staff took on the Remaking Art Challenge recently and had a lot of fun! Let's try another school-wide art challenge, this time with a concept called forced perspective. Forced perspective is a type of optical illusion that can make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is! This is due to the angle or distance they have been shot from. You can turn tiny objects into giants, or shrink buildings. A classic example of forced perspective is the tourist shot of a person "pushing" or "holding up" the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

Here are the directions:
Take a look at examples in this Google Doc and our student work slideshow so far, or look up forced perspective photography on Google or do an image search
There are 4 main types: 1) Making a subject smaller 2) Making a subject larger 3) Bending gravity 4) Merging or combining subjects
Think about what kind of illusion you would like to create: Holding a landmark? Eating an object? Holding another person in one hand? There are so many other options.
You and your family could work together, or you could use objects that you have at home.
The angle of the photo makes a big difference in creating the forced perspective illusion. You might need to take a few photos and pick the best one.
Share your photo! Email it to: [email protected]