Cultural Celebration Week - Week of May 22nd

Cultural Celebration Week - Week of May 22nd
Posted on 05/07/2023
We are getting ready for Cultural Celebration Week and Night! This year, students will enjoy the following assemblies over the course of the week:

-Cello Performance by Patrice Jackson-Tilghman
-Associate Professor of Cello at Berklee College of Music and Boston Conservatory at Berklee in Boston (and Hosmer mom!)
-Puerto Rican Drumming
-Indian Dancing with Mouli Pal
-Japanese Taiko Drumming

Cultural Celebration Night is Coming Up Soon!
Thursday, May 25th

Cultural Celebration Night is coming up! Would you like to represent your family's culture in our World Showcase? Sign up here for a table:

Your table can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like it to be. In the past, people have covered their tables with tablecloths and put out photographs, books, and other objects from the countries they are representing. People have also used computers to display pictures or made tri-fold posters. It's nice when the tables have an activity for the students to do, but it's not necessary.

We will also hold an international potluck. Sign-up here is you would like to bring some food to share!
Potluck sign-up:

Collecting Recycled Materials for Cultural Week Project

Inspired by the book Building an Orchestra of Hope, the students in grades 2-5 will create instruments from recycled materials. If you have any of the materials listed below or other recycled items that might be useful, your donations would be greatly appreciated. Collection boxes will be set up near the nurses' office outside the main office.

Requested Recycled Materials:
· Empty water and soda bottles
· Plastic milk containers
· Coffee cans
· Oatmeal containers
· Plastic egg cartons
· Plastic takeout containers
· Paper towel tubes
· Yogurt containers
· Cereal boxes
· Shoe boxes
· Empty jars
· Old CDs

*Please rinse all plastic containers before placing them in the collection boxes.

In addition to the recycled materials listed above, we will collect the materials below.

Additional Art Materials:
· Colorful duct tape
· Balloons
· Fishing line
· Rubber bands
· Straws
· String/Yarn

Thank you in advance for your help. If you have a question, send an email to [email protected].