Fundraising Procedures

Fundraising Procedures
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All fundraisers for the Watertown Public Schools are guided by the attached School Committee Policies. Please be sure you have read these requirements prior to beginning a fundraising activity.

The recommended procedure for requesting and holding a fundraising is as follows:

  1. All fundraising events must be supervised by a Watertown Staff Member – Administrator, Teacher, Advisor, and/or Coach.
  2. A Fundraiser Request Form must be filled out and approved by the building administrator at least one month prior to the event.
  3. Any monies collected must be accounted for and brought to the Finance Office by the Staff Member using the attached Student Activity Account Receipt Turnover Form (RTF)
  4. The attached Student Activity Account Inventory Sheet must be used for the inventory of items sold and should be maintained for all events to assure accuracy of items purchased, sold, lost, destroyed, or remaining in inventory.
  5. If use of school property is needed a School Building Use Form is required
    and must be completed by the fundraising supervisor and approved through submission to the Finance Office.
  6. All funds collected should be turned into the School Office/Finance Office the same day or next available school day; an RTF should be completed with the total, signed by the advisor, coach, etc. and the office employee receiving the funds. All funds must be secured at all times.
  7. The daily deposit sheet(s) should reference the appropriate fundraiser event name and date. (You may have multiple deposit sheets for the event)
  8. If you are selling items, obtain a quote from the vendor, but the order must be processed by a purchase order BEFORE any costs are incurred. The total cost of the item must be collected in advance. Please maintain a spreadsheet of who paid and submit with the deposit. Keep a copy for item distribution.
  9. The building Principal, Administrative Assistant, Athletic Director Assistant, or WHS Account Manager/SAA Advisor are the only staff members authorized to bring collected funds to the
    Finance Office.