August 2018

August 29, 2018

Hello Hosmer Families,

While some can’t believe it’s time for school again, others might feel that it is about time! Wherever you fall in that spectrum, it is time to return to school!

I trust that you’ve enjoyed the past couple of months with your children and had great adventures. We in education, also use this time to decompress and recharge for the work that everyone puts in to providing a safe and productive learning environment. Most educators continue with professional development over the summer months through a variety of experiences. Some travel, some read, and other participate in organized instruction where they are the students. Watertown offered a number of opportunities for our staff members and all of the classes were well attended. From literacy and social emotional development to the structure of a kindergarten day, we saw it all. The progress is evident in all areas and if we can maintain this progress, we are on our way to realizing fantastic gains.


As is always the case, some staff members move on to new careers or settings and others leave work for family reasons. This brings about the opportunity to hire people and we have done just a little bit of that this summer.

One of our special educators, Monica Constantine decided to stay home with her new baby boy Milo. We will miss Monica and are happy for her; we also welcome the teacher who will take over her role. Ms. Mary Izzo was chosen by the interview committee and will work with children in grades kindergarten through three this year. Mary is a product of the Watertown Public School system and we are excited to have her rise through the ranks of Instructional Assistant to teacher. Mary is certifies as an elementary teacher as well as in special education.
Another special educator Beth Fried has decided to retire and pursue a variety of interests. We again, are happy for her and welcome her replacement. Ms. Kathy Santolucito will go from half time to full time and work with students who have individualized education plans.
In our ESL program, Ms. Linda Tam has moved to New York and her replacement is Ms. Maria Fortunato. Maria has held long term substitute positions at the Cunniff School and comes highly recommended.
Due to an increase in enrollment we have expanded our second grade from four to five classrooms. Ms. Alyssa McCarthy has moved to second grade after being in first for the past year. The vacant spot in grade one has then been filled by a transfer from the Lowell School in Ms. Christine Talamus. Christine is an excellent teacher and we are lucky to have her.
We also will have the full time services of a Reading Coach and her name is Ms. Christine Hill. She will work closely with our classroom teachers to address all of the reading needs of our students.
Some of the things that our teachers will be working on that you will notice are

Responsive Classroom, iReady, and FLES.

Responsive Classroom is a program to develop skills in the area of social and emotional development includes a Morning Circle and a Closing Circle. More information will be coming your way through your child’s teacher and also at PTO meetings and Principal Chats.
iReady is an online program that assesses students three times a year in Math and Reading. It identifies the level of the student and makes suggestions for homework and instructional focus to help differentiate lessons.
FLES has been in the elementary schools for the past two years but will expand up to grade two this year. Children in grades kindergarten through second will learn Spanish for thirty minutes three times per week.
A good deal of attention was paid to the kindergarten schedule this summer. There will be more clearly identified components that were mostly in effect but are now uniform throughout the district. More information on that when you meet with the kindergarten teacher on September 4th.

Start and end time

Grades one through five will start on Tuesday September 4th and the hours of the school day are 8:15 AM – 2:30 PM.

Road Construction

As you know there has been a good deal of roadwork done this summer supported by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. The purpose of which is to improve the walking routes around and to school. This involved widening some sidewalks, narrowing some roads, increasing green space, and shortening the distance of a crosswalk from one side of a street to the other. The great news is that work around the Chauncey, Hosmer, Boylston street area will be finished by Tuesday September 4th!

I would recommend that if at all possible park a block away and walk your child to the entrance if you are dropping off. If you need to get close to the school I recommend coming down Boylston, stay right on Boylston then circle around onto Concord Road so that you are facing the right way for drop off. Continuing on towards School Street would lead you in to the next phase of roadwork and you may not have access.
Students who walk should be fine.
The buses will come down Winthrop Street, go left on Hancock, and out to Mt. Auburn via Chauncey.
Kindergarten parents should drop off on Chauncey, Boylston, or Concord as close to the Kindergarten Entrance banner as you deem appropriate.
Where do students enter the school?

We have a slight change this year in the location where grade levels enter the school in the morning. This is mostly due to congestion that may be made more difficult by road construction.

Grades 3 and 5 will come in through the lobby at the Stamatakis Playground.
Grade 1, 2, and 4 will come in through the flagpole doors.
Pre Kindergarten and Kindergarten will come in through the lower courtyard.
Kindergarten will be appointment only meetings on Tuesday September 4th.

On Wednesday September 5th kindergarten will run from 8:15 AM – 12:00 PM.

On Thursday September 6th kindergarten will run from 8:15 AM – 2:30 PM.

Extended Day

Extended Day services will start on Tuesday September 4th for grades one through five, but not for kindergarten. Kindergarten extended day will begin on their first full day of school, which is September 6th.

I will be holding my first Principal Chat of the school year at 8:40 AM on Monday September 10th in the cafeteria. Please stop by to say hello, ask a question, or hear about some of our plans for the new academic year.

It continues to be an honor to be the Principal of the Hosmer School and I appreciate your support and confidence in our mission to educate your children.

Thank you,

Bob LaRoche